Keeper Security

New Password Management Tool!

We are thrilled to add the Keeper Security password management tool to our software options we offer. The Keeper Security password management tool offers the following benefits:

  • Easily and securely store passwords for ALL your websites, computers, and personal files
  • Makes it easy to have DIFFERENT passwords for EVERY website
  • Prevents inadvertently providing your password to a SCAM website
  • Enables sharing of passwords with both colleagues and with trusted family members
  • Significantly REDUCES the chances of your credentials being compromised

Keeper Security Residential Features

  • Create your own passwords or utilize completely random passwords automatically generated by Keeper
  • AutoFill passwords when you visit websites
  • Easily change passwords on your websites to make them more secure
  • Securely store payment cards to make online purchases faster
  • Use on computers, tablets, and phones for one low price!
  • Monitor the strength and uniqueness of your passwords**
  • Import existing passwords from browsers or other lists

Keeper Security Business Features

  • All of the Residential Features, PLUS we provide:
  • Monthly reports on the security of your business passwords**
  • Configuration of shared folders between colleagues
  • Installation of Keeper Browser Extension
  • Import of existing passwords
  • Training for employees
  • One time set up charge WAIVED for our Managed Service customers

Residential PricingBusiness Pricing

$45.00 per user per year
$4.50 per user per month
$10 setup charge per user – one time charge
$60 per user per year
$6.00 per user per month

**An important piece of information to be aware of is that neither the staff at C-Prompt Computers, nor the staff of the password management company can EVER see any of your passwords. All statistics are provided by the software without ever disclosing any passwords to any humans.

If you are interested in Keeper Security, please call us at 207-265-2051 or fill out the form below.

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