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C-Prompt Computers – A History

The history of C-Prompt Computers, LLC began in the summer of 1997 as C-Prompt Computer Service.  This business was run as a side business by Brian Twitchell, a math teacher at Mt. Abram High School.  For several years, he ran this business out of his home. Over time he gradually added small amounts of inventory and increased the amount of computer service that he provided. He specialized in building new systems and upgrading older hardware, as well as getting into the field of network installations.

In the fall of 2005, he  decided that it was necessary to increase his available space and exposure.  Brian re-organized the business into C-Prompt Computers, LLC and moved to a new location on Route 27 in New Vineyard.

Over the next few years the number of hours the business was open increased. Brian hired some of his older children to work as technicians.  Customers were now coming from as far away as Rangeley and Turner. Additionally there were numerous clients in Farmington, Wilton, Strong, Phillips, Kingfield, Carrabassett Valley, and Stratton.

In 2010 C-Prompt Computers, LLC became a partnership with Brian’s wife, Kathy, and some of his children.  The business also hired an additional technician from outside Brian’s family.

Current Location

In November, 2011 Brian made the decision to close the New Vineyard location and to relocate the store to 66 Salem Road in Kingfield.  The company now offers several preventative services such as our popular Managed Service, which allows us to monitor the health of your machine as well as managed your malware protection, and much more.  Additionally we now offer cloud backup services for our customers who want added protection of their data from computer failure and malware attacks.

We continue to evolve as the world of technology changes rapidly. Our goal is to stay current on technologies and be able to meet the needs of our customers regarding the use of technology.

Current Terms of Service

For the current terms of service for our managed service package, please click here.

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