Data Loss

The data recovery nightmare

This nightmare, unfortunately, happens in real life to too many people. Perhaps you yourself have had this happen. It goes something like this:

Data Loss Nightmare

The first sign of a problem

It’s a horrible feeling when you turn on your computer and you get the message “Boot Device Not Found. Press F1 to Continue”.

You bring your machine into the shop and leave it with us to diagnose.

And then you wait anxiously to hear from us. All the while, you start thinking about all the things on your computer that you know you don’t have anywhere else. Perhaps it’s pictures of your child from the day of their birth until now. Or how about pictures of a parent or spouse who has passed away. Was it years worth of business records or tax records? Maybe even that project you were almost finished with for a client.

The diagnosis

And then the phone rings, and you hear the words on the other end. “I’m sorry. The hard drive appears to have suffered a complete failure. The data you have on there is not accessible to us. Do you have a backup of your data we can restore to a new hard drive?” Lost your data

No, you have no backup. Despite hearing many times how important it was to get a backup, you never seemed to find the time to do it. Or, you never thought it was worth the cost. Now you are kicking yourself for that lack of attention to detail.

“Is there anything that can be done?” you find yourself asking.

Is there a solution?

“We CAN send the drive away for data recovery. The company we recommend does not charge anything unless they can recover the files you need to have recovered. If they CAN recover the data, the cost ranges from a few hundred up to a couple of thousand dollars, depending on the style of hard drive and the complexity of the recovery process. We have had customers successfully have their data recovered and returned to them through this company.”

We hope you NEVER experience this nightmare. But you need to take proactive steps to avoid this.

BBackup Serviceackup Service

First, please check out our Backup Service.  Your encrypted data is backed up automatically to our secure online servers. Additionally, we monitor and ensure the backups are happening successfully.

Data Recovery

Data Recovery

Second, if you HAVE had a hard drive failure, we may still be able to help. We recommend Gillware as a trusted data recovery partner. You can submit a case here. If you enter our referral code of ‘51149’, it will allow us to assist you in the entire process. Or, you can come into the shop and we can handle the entire process. No matter which you choose, there is ZERO risk financially to you. Enter information about your drive and Gillware will then provide a preliminary estimate. If that looks good, we will continue the process and they will provide a pre-paid shipping label. Once they have evaluated the device, they will give a firm estimate and a list of the files recovered. A small shipping fee is the only charge if you decide NOT to proceed. Otherwise, you make payment on the quote and they proceed with recovery.

Data Backup and Data RecoveryOnce again, we hope you NEVER have to experience this nightmare. Please make arrangements for the backup of your important data NOW. But know that, if you DO have a hard drive failure, there may still be an option to recover your precious files.

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