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January 2018 Newsletter

3 New Year’s Tech Resolutions You Should Actually Keep If your typical New Year’s resolutions lasted about 30 seconds, you’re not alone. Pledges to eat better, start running and learn how to juggle can be rebooted again next year easy enough. This year, we challenge you to think about your tech health with some resolutions you’ll want to keep. 1. No More Junk Mail Whether you checked a box [...]

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October 2017 Newsletter

How to Tell if Your Computer Has a Virus? Sometimes computers do wacky things that ring alarm bells and make us dive for cover. Next thing you know, you’re running scans on repeat and demanding everyone come clean about their browsing habits. Fortunately, not all weird occurrences are caused by a virus – sometimes your computer is simply overloaded, overheating or in desperate need of a reboot. [...]

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Special Update

URGENT ALERT: 143 million Customers Exposed in Financial Data Breach Urgent Alert : Credit reporting company Equifax has just revealed that its databases were hacked in a large-scale breach affecting millions across the US, UK & Canada. While no hacking event is ever good news, some are easier to ignore than others – this isn’t one of them. The sensitive nature of the exposed data now requires immediate [...]

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July 2017 Newsletter

Everything You Need to Know About Facebook Privacy Finding the balance between Facebook privacy and Facebook fun can be challenging. It’s a double-edged sword that allows us to connect with friends no matter where they live, but it also publicly shares information that just a few years ago, we’d never dream of putting online. You can search for people based on where they went to [...]

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June 2017 Newsletter

How To Keep Your Tech Squeaky Clean Our tech is something we use every day, but did you know it’s also the most disgusting? Your screen may look clean, but studies show that a mobile phone can be 18x dirtier than a public restroom – ew! It gets worse (sorry)…that keyboard you tap at while eating your morning toast? It’s probably the biggest bacterial threat in your [...]

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Latest Ransomware Virus

If you have been following the news over the last two days, you may have seen a report about a new virus called "WannaCrypt". This email is designed to give you some basic information about this virus. It appears that the primary spread of this virus is caused by a vulnerability in the Windows Operating System. A patch for this vulnerability was released in March of this year, so [...]

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May 2017 Newsletter

How Many Good Battery Habits Do You Really Have? Batteries are rarely talked about - until they’re drained – then we’ll tell everyone as we beg desperately for a charger, hoping to get enough juice to last the day. The truth is, they’re a miracle of engineering that gets taken for granted when full and cursed when flat. If it feels like your battery is running out [...]

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October 2016 Newsletter

Welcome to our first feature of our Tech Newsletter! As our valued customer, you'll be getting tips and tricks on how to stay safe online and become a master of your computer. In this edition, I want to let you in on the dirty secret that hackers know and most computer users don't.  Additionally, we include suggestions on how to speed up your PC.  Read on for more information! Got [...]

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