BRAMBLE Backup 2.0

BRAMBLE Backup 2.0 – our new managed backup


For years C-Prompt Computers has sold various backup services, as we know how important your data is to you. Our most recent version was BRAMBLE Backup, which we launched in 2019. This was a robust enough program that it merited it’s own website (

We continue to monitor the best options in backup software so we can be sure we are offering the highest protection for our clients and their data.

Today we are pleased to announce the launch of BRAMBLE Backup 2.0. Let’s look at some of the improvements.

Eliminate tiers of packages

We charge for BRAMBLE Backup 1.0 based on the backup size. We have tiers starting at 5 GB, and they go up to as high as is needed. A problem is created when a storage account reaches the maximum – the software stops backing up until the customer is moved to a higher tier.

BRAMBLE Backup 2.0 is different. Starting at a 15 GB base amount, if you exceed that amount the software simply bills you for a flat $0.10 per GB per month. This means that you don’t risk having your backup stop in the event that you exceed the 15 GB allotment.

Improved notifications

BRAMBLE 1.0 notifies us daily of backup space limitations, failed backups, and if a backup hasn’t run in a certain number of days. Unfortunately, these notifications are not entered automatically into our ticketing system.

The new BRAMBLE Backup 2.0 will automatically create tickets for issues that arise, and ALL of our technicians will see those tickets. This means that any issues that may arise can be addressed more quickly. Sometimes it is as simple as a customer has gone on vacation for a week so no backups have run, but other times there are issues that are important for us to address immediately. This new software will allow us to be more proactive on addressing those issues.

Less intrusive

BRAMBLE 1.0 is a separate program from our managed service, and so requires us to remote in to your machine to install it. Additionally, if either problems arise or if a customer needs additional files or folders added to the backup, we have to schedule a time to remote in when your computer is on so that we can address those items.

BRAMBLE Backup 2.0 fully integrates with our managed service software. Thus, at a click of a button we can activate a backup program for a new customer. Additionally, we can adjust the backup files and folders right from our dashboard in the managed service platform and never have to remote in to your machine. This makes it easier for both you and for us to keep things up to date.

BRAMBLE 1.0 is not going away

BRAMBLE 1.0 is a good program. It is not going away. Some customers do not need the added features listed above. For many customers, the change to BRAMBLE Backup 2.0 would incur a higher charge. Sometimes the increase is only a dollar or two per month. For others it may be a potentially larger increase. We encourage our business customers to consider changing to BRAMBLE Backup 2.0 as it provides better options for businesses. Some residential customers may also choose to change over.

We will be reaching out to our BRAMBLE customers to talk with them about options over the next few weeks. But please know that we are not requiring people to change at this point. Some day, if enough people change over, we may have to phase out BRAMBLE 1.0 due to costs. At this point it is not something that we plan to do.


We bill monthly for BRAMBLE 2.0 since the amount of space used can change even on a daily basis. We can set up automatic payments of invoices each month to your credit card if that would make this easier.

Also, another difference in the billing is that BRAMBLE 1.0 allows more than one computer per account. BRAMBLE 2.0 is set up on a different principle, and we bill PER COMPUTER per month.

The plan provides 15 GB of storage per computer for $6.00 per month. Exceeding the 15 GB of storage incurs an additional charge of only $0.10 per GB each month.

Call us at 207-265-2051 or fill out the form below to communicate your interest in BRAMBLE 2.0.

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