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December 2017 Newsletter

What to Do if Your Hard Drive Fails If your hard drive is going bad, chances are strange things are happening and you’re a little panicked. It’s where you put your digital memories, your household files and maybe that thesis you’ve been working on for months. As far as you’re concerned, that hard drive IS the computer and failure is not an option. Perhaps it [...]

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2017 Cyber MONTH Special!

Many people automatically go to a box store when it is time for a new computer, lured in by their low advertised prices, not considering the additional costs that they may incur. Some of these locations, once you have decided to make the purchase, then start suggesting additional things you need. And while many of these things are important to have, you end up paying MORE than if you [...]

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October 2017 Newsletter

How to Tell if Your Computer Has a Virus? Sometimes computers do wacky things that ring alarm bells and make us dive for cover. Next thing you know, you’re running scans on repeat and demanding everyone come clean about their browsing habits. Fortunately, not all weird occurrences are caused by a virus – sometimes your computer is simply overloaded, overheating or in desperate need of a reboot. [...]

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Special Update

URGENT ALERT: 143 million Customers Exposed in Financial Data Breach Urgent Alert : Credit reporting company Equifax has just revealed that its databases were hacked in a large-scale breach affecting millions across the US, UK & Canada. While no hacking event is ever good news, some are easier to ignore than others – this isn’t one of them. The sensitive nature of the exposed data now requires immediate [...]

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Are you backing up?

I feel like I'm often reminding people of this issue, but it's too important to ignore.  Is your data backed up? Implementing backup systems are no longer the chore it once was.   Backing Systems are easy Too many people assume that their machines will not fail, only to have the unthinkable happen to them and lose all their pictures, tax records, and other important documents. Backing up data [...]

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July 2017 Newsletter

Everything You Need to Know About Facebook Privacy Finding the balance between Facebook privacy and Facebook fun can be challenging. It’s a double-edged sword that allows us to connect with friends no matter where they live, but it also publicly shares information that just a few years ago, we’d never dream of putting online. You can search for people based on where they went to [...]

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Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday to us! C-Prompt Computers is celebrating 20 years of business this month, and we want you to help us celebrate the entire month! We are offering a 20% off sale! Save 20% on the cost of labor charges, the first year subscription to our Managed Service plan, and all in stock inventory. Here is a sample of savings: New one year subscription to our popular managed service [...]

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4th of July Holiday

With the 4th of July being on a Tuesday this year, and with much of the family camping over the holiday, we have decided to give our technician a long weekend. We will close Friday afternoon June 30th, and will not re-open until Wednesday, July 5th. Please remember that you can still email us at or you can call and leave a message at 265-2051, and [...]

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