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Are you backing up?

//Are you backing up?

Are you backing up?

I feel like I’m often reminding people of this issue, but it’s too important to ignore.  Is your data backed up? Implementing backup systems are no longer the chore it once was.


Backing Systems are easy

Too many people assume that their machines will not fail, only to have the unthinkable happen to them and lose all their pictures, tax records, and other important documents.

Backing up data used to be a time consuming process. You had to remember to insert your flash drive (or other media), and then run the program. You had to wait for it to complete, and then you had to remove it and put it someplace safe.

Our Cloud Backup system automates every step of the backup. We instruct the computer which folders to backup and then the software does the rest.  And then, if you ever have a virus encrypt your data, or have a hard drive fail and lose the data, we can recover the lost date from our online services.

Backing Systems are safe and secure

I hear you asking, though: But is it safe? Can’t someone hack in and steal my data?

Our Amazon servers securely store your data. Additionally, the software encrypts the data before it leaves your machine.

Consider this analogy. Suppose that your data was the telephone book. Then, suppose that the telephone book were taken apart, and each page shuffled. Each page is then, in random order, dropped into a paper shredder. Suppose then that you locked these paper shreds into your safe deposit box at the bank.

That gives you a rough idea of the safety of our cloud backup. Although technically it MIGHT be possible for someone to break into the bank, then break into your safe deposit box, and then take all those pages and re-assemble them, it is highly unlikely that anything would be readable. Actually, it would be EASIER for someone to break into your house and steal your computer to download the data, except that if they had your computer, they wouldn’t need your data in the cloud.

Backing Systems are affordable

We can set up a custom data backup package that suits your needs. You can pay for only the amount of storage you need, and we can even set the system to automatically charge your credit card every 3 months when the subscription renews.

Interested? Don’t hesitate to give us a call at 265-2051, or send us an email at Check out our backup page for more information.


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