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One Day Closing

//One Day Closing

One Day Closing

This is advance warning.

C-Prompt will be closed for the day on Monday, August 14th, assuming I’m remembering the date right, which I hope I am because if I’m not then I have to edit the pretty graphic I made to go with this post because posts with an image get noticed more frequently.


I digress.

C-Prompt will be closed on account of the primary tech being gone. When family lives out of state, you try to meet up with them when you can, and today is one of those days. Except that it’s not actually, you know, today. It’s August 14th. It’s a Monday. (Garfield’s least favorite day.)

If you would all be so kind as to tell your computers that we’ll be gone and ask them nicely to hold off on getting infected or breaking or anything until the next day (which would be Tuesday August 15th), there is a slim possibility they’ll listen. On the other hand, they may take the opportunity of no tech in the shop to break down, just to be annoying, because they do that. (Can’t you tell I’m not the tech?)

Give us a call or stop in and chat, I promise we’re friendly. As always, we’re open from 9-5, Monday through Friday (except for Monday, August 14th) and the phone number is 265-2051.


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