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Happy Birthday, C-Prompt!

//Happy Birthday, C-Prompt!

Happy Birthday, C-Prompt!

Did you know that in July, C–Prompt celebrates 20 years of serving Kingfield and Northern Franklin County?

I’ve been trying to figure out how on earth one makes a cake for a shop. How would one do that? I could make a cake for the people, but we’re finishing June, which is the birthday month for the Twitchell household, with 5 birthdays in the immediate household and family. We’re pretty much ready to be done with cake. I think. I could make a cake for Arwen, our shop cat, but she only likes tuna. I don’t feel like doing anything with tuna right now. The building itself doesn’t eat. (We hope.)

When we were talking about it, we ended up deciding to do something special for you, our customers. Thanks to you, we’ve been giving high quality service for almost 20 years. We’re only one half of the business, and you all are the other half. I can’t tell you what it is yet, it’s in my folder labeled “top secret”, but be on the look out!

Give us a call or stop in and chat, I promise we’re friendly. (We probably don’t have cake.)

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