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Summer is coming!

//Summer is coming!

Summer is coming!

Summer is coming!

It’s almost June.

This means a number of things:

● Lilacs will be coming out soon
● Almost time to put tomato plants in the ground
● I have to figure out how on earth I am going to talk to five elementary school classrooms about writing
● It’s almost warm enough to think of swimming
● It’s going to be summer and camping and beach season
● I need to get another charging cable to live in the camper because I don’t want to not be able to charge my phone. (Mostly on a camping trip, I just use it to take photos. Like of moose. If I see a moose, I want to be able to take a photo.)

Just in time for summer we got a new set of mobile device accessories. I must admit to oohing and ahhing over them when I got to work this morning, since I didn’t see them yesterday afternoon when they came in.

And I need a new set of headphones because the set my parents got me when I was 10 years old is starting to not work so well. (I turn 20, also in June, so I’ll let ou figure out how old they are.) It is only starting, they’re a little flaky in one ear and the left hand piece is held together with electrical tape. But they are ready for retirement, I think.

Apparently I need to get a set of cables and headphones soon, since they’re 50% off until the end of May, if you mention this sale.

Give us a call or stop in and say hi, I promise we’re friendly.


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