Flash Drives

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Flash drives.

Thumb drives.

USB sticks.

USB drives.

That annoying little chip thing that is supposed to plug into the computer but it never seems to go in the right way and even though there’s only two options it always takes three tries to get it right.

Why, in this age of digital sharing EVERYTHING, would you need a flash drive?

Here’s some reasons:

Photos – sharing photos gets bulky, especially when you, as in my case, I can only attach up to five to an email, because of data and mobile and so on. A flash drive is a quick easy way to share a large amount of photos, and since flash drives are fairly inexpensive, it’s cheap and convenient. I could just give my mother a flash drive of photos of my cat.

Documents: when I was working with my cover designer for my book, I put all my photos and text documents with the information needed, on my flash drive. It was so easy to plug it into her computer and have all the stuff she needed, right at her fingertips. She finished and put the completed cover on my flash drive, I took it to my computer, uploaded, and went from there.

Music: I used my flash drive to carry my music from my laptop to my computer, so I didn’t have to rip the discs twice. So much faster and easier.

Back-up: I have important documents saved on my flash drives. (I have three currently and think I need another.) Especially if you have multiple machines and the poor internet speed we’ve been known to have around here, flash drives can be great for transferring data easily, as well as for keeping yet another copy of those important files.

A word of caution: flash drives can store documents, files, and programs. Don’t use a flash drive from a source you don’t trust. For example, if I found a flash drive in a purse from the thrift shop, I wouldn’t use it. You have no way of knowing what’s on it without plugging it into your computer, which leaves you open to the possibility of contamination. If my mother handed me a flash drive she’d put stuff on, I’d use it. Because my mother is awesome and the flash drive probably has books or recipes on it, both of which make me happy.

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