Computer Russian Roulette

Many computer customers play Russian Roulette when it comes to the safety and security of their computer and their data.

Over the years we have had customers who were heartbroken upon hearing that their hard drive had failed and all their data was lost.  Or that the encryption virus had rendered all of their data unreadable.  Or that the instructions they followed from the manufacturer’s tech support had completely wiped out their machine, resetting it to factory settings and losing all the pictures of the customer’s deceased wife (No joke on this one – tech support had him reset the machine to factory settings, even after being told about the pictures.  We were fortunate to be able to recover many images).

We have two solutions that will help avoid these disasters.


  1. Our online managed backup service.  Purchase only the amount of backup storage you need for your data, and rely on the fact that we are able to monitor your backups and ensure they are happening with no problems.  In the few months since we changed to this new service, we have already been able to restore data for customers who had lost everything.
  2. Our Managed Service and Managed AntiVirus.  For an annual fee, we provide antivirus services (including free removal if you are infected while on our plan).  But we also provide much more:
    1. Health Monitoring
    2. Remote Support (15 minutes free per month)
    3. Windows Updates
    4. Updates to your other programs
    5. Reduced mileage fee if we need to make a house call.

Consider how important your computer is to you, and give us a call at 207-265-2051.  If you prefer, you can email us at

Let us help you avoid a scary Halloween!


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