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Monthly Archives: October 2016


Don’t Call Microsoft!

Don’t Call Microsoft! One of our clients was allowing her grandchildren to use her computer for some games while she was making supper.  Suddenly, a new tab popped up with a warning on it, and a voice began speaking through her speakers saying that Microsoft had discovered that her computer was infected with a virus, and the virus was immediately sending her credit card information out on to the internet. [...]

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Computer Russian Roulette

Many computer customers play Russian Roulette when it comes to the safety and security of their computer and their data. Over the years we have had customers who were heartbroken upon hearing that their hard drive had failed and all their data was lost.  Or that the encryption virus had rendered all of their data unreadable.  Or that the instructions they followed from the manufacturer’s tech support had completely wiped [...]

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October 2016 Newsletter

Welcome to our first feature of our Tech Newsletter! As our valued customer, you'll be getting tips and tricks on how to stay safe online and become a master of your computer. In this edition, I want to let you in on the dirty secret that hackers know and most computer users don't.  Additionally, we include suggestions on how to speed up your PC.  Read on for more information! Got [...]

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