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Computer Tuneups!

Just like your car needs a tuneup every few months, your computer will also benefit from a tuneup.  Here at C-Prompt Computers we have a variety of options for a tuneup on your computer.  Due to the length of time required to run some of these scans, we do not perform these tuneups onsite. Our Tuneups include the following: Install Latest Windows Service Packs and Updates Update Anti-Virus Software Update [...]

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Online Backup Service

Announcing our NEW online backup service! We have made the decision to terminate our contract with Livedrive, and to replace it with a much more advanced backup service. This article provides details about that decision and the steps you need to take.   In accordance with our previous terms of service, located here, we are providing a 3 month notice before the contract with LiveDrive is terminated. This will allow [...]

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