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Monthly Archives: July 2016


Computer Tuneups!

Just like your car needs a tuneup every few months, your computer will also benefit from a tuneup.  Here at C-Prompt Computers we have a variety of options for a tuneup on your computer.  Due to the length of time required to run some of these scans, we do not perform these tuneups onsite. Our Tuneups include the following: Install Latest Windows Service Packs and Updates Update Anti-Virus Software Update [...]

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Online Backup Service

Announcing our NEW online backup service! We have made the decision to terminate our contract with Livedrive, and to replace it with a much more advanced backup service. This article provides details about that decision and the steps you need to take.   In accordance with our previous terms of service,¬†located here, we are providing a 3 month notice before the contract with LiveDrive is terminated. This will allow [...]

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