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Monthly Archives: January 2011


TTT #3 – Next Computer – Laptop or Desktop?

A common question people ask is whether they should purchase a laptop or a desktop for their next computer.  I can’t possibly give a definitive answer to that question – both have their pros and cons.  I will, however, give some pointers that may help you decide, and some ideas to consider when you are getting ready to make that purchase. Let me first give some of the advantages of [...]

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TTT #2 – To Forward or Not To Forward – That is the Question

If you have been using e-mail for any significant length of time, you have undoubtedly received one of those messages that encourage you to forward it to everyone in your address book.  Many times, the message looks real enough, and the reasons for forwarding it are significant enough, that you ask yourself, “Should I forward this message?”  What many people don’t think about is what happens when they do forward [...]

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Over the years of working on computers, I have discovered that most technicians speak in a language that most people don’t understand.  They will start throwing around terms like “Gigs” and “Megs” and “GPU” and “RAM” and many other abbreviations and technical terms. One of my personal goals as a technician, and a goal I strive for with all the technicians who work for me, is to talk in normal [...]

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